Buzz words

5/01/18, 10:31 AM -  Good morningggg!!! Word the day is "Passion".. Passion  fuels  the fire in you.  Act on one thing a day you are truly passionate about.  Its the key to a happy life.  Your passion will lead you to your purpose eventually :).  What's yours? Have a passionate day!! :)

7/01/18, 6:10 PM -  Good evening!! Mantra for the day is " level up". New year brings new opportunities and new challenges. It's time fr us to level up in whatever we are focused on. Level up mind body spirit intellectual. Push the boundaries so that there are no boundaries by the end of the year haha. Have an levelled up evening and year ahead.

8/01/18, 1:12 PM -  Good afternoon. Word for the day is "fun". No matter what you do, find a way to  have fun with it. . Its the basis of all our actions.  When we have fun, we do amazing things.  It will end up in greatness eventually. Have a fun day!! :)

9/01/18, 3:04 PM -  Good afternoon!!!! The word for the day is "sculpt". Every stone has a statue inside it. It's the artist in you who sculpts it out. Same way, every moment of your life can be sculpted to what you want it to be. Bring out the artist in you and sculpt your reality. It will take time and skill but eventually you'll end up with a masterpiece hahaha. Have an artistic day!!!!

10/01/18, 10:48 AM -  Good morningggg!!! Word for the day is "patience"  it's not the ability to wait but waiting with a good attitude haha. Everything takes time to come into fruition and will arrive at the  perfect time. Take nature for example, never rushes but gets everything done on time. Patience is a key ingredient my friends. Wishing you an patient day ahead!!! :)

Vijay Ravikumar