Delightful Drop

15/01/18, 11:28 AM -  Goood morningggg!! Word for the day is "Mountain".  The mountain absorbs the sun in the same way that it takes in the rain, the wind, and the snow. It doesn't care what the weather is. No matter what is going on around it, the mountain is still the mountain.  Enjoy being strong today :).

16/01/18, 12:06 PM -  Good afternoon everyone.  Quote for the day is " we dont see things as they are, we see things as we are" - Anais nin.  You are it!!  Always remember that Our outer world is a direct projection of our inner world. Fill yourself with gratitude internally and watch the outer world transform!!

17/01/18, 12:18 PM - Good afternoon!!! Word for the day is "doubt". Never doubt yourself or your abilities. Doubt invites fear and creates confusion. Go forward with full confidence and courage. Doubt cannot exist if you're present. Doubt creates obstacles whereas faith and  confidence in yourself and others removes them. Have a doubtless day :)..

19/01/18, 8:14 AM - Good morning!!!! Word of the day is " Curiosity".  It's the  compass to our passion and lust of our minds. It keeps us young and is a source to our happiness unless you're a cat haha.  Have an curious day!!!

Vijay Ravikumar