Bits and Bobs for the New Year!

31/12/17, 11:48 AM - Goood morningggg!!! Word for the day is "celebration". Celebration is an active state of being. an act of expression and  appreciation. Life is a celebrationnnnn. So let's all celebrate life and realise that we don't need special days and dates to celebrate. It's all day everyday from here on hahaha. Hope 2o17 has helped you blossom into your true nature and 2o18 will keep it going.....happy celebrationss everyone!!!

3/01/18, 10:44 AM - : Good morning!!!!  Hope you had the best time welcoming 2o18. The word for the day is " Effort" .  dreams, inspiration, goals, passion, intelligence  etc etc has no meaning without effort . Once you reach the peak of effort, it becomes effortless( one of my fav lines). Make an effort towards your desires everyday and watch it blossom into reality. Slowly but surely just like water against a cliff. Have a smashing year ahead haha.

Vijay Ravikumar