Slice for the self

1/02/18, 3:08 PM -  Good afternoon!! The word for the day is "seed".. A seed is  dropped in dirt, covered in darkness and  left cold before it can see the light to grow and blossom..Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant. Enjoy being a seed today haha.

6/02/18, 10:47 AM -  Good morning!!! Word for the day is "spontaneous".  Be spontaneous like laughter, by being  present in the present. Plans are an invitation for disappointment unless you welcome spontaneity. Goals ensure progress but spontaneously you go further hah. Have a spontaneous day!!!

9/02/18, 3:09 PM - : Good afternoon!!! Word for the day is " serious". As adults we tend to make things too serious, rather than making it  sincere. The difference is seriousness automatically implies a tragedy at the end of it. Sincerity let's you dive into it and play with it. Be sincere to your actions and roles but not serious haha. Have seriously sincere day haaha.

10/02/18, 11:45 AM -  Goood morningggg!!! Word for the day is "unknown". We are  beings   that bring the unknown into this universe to share as a present with the rest of us . Embrace the unknown and life is adventurous.  When you detach the known and walk into the unknown with courage, either you will find solid ground or you'll learn to fly. Have an exciting day!!!

Vijay Ravikumar