Knowledge nibbles


5/03/18, 10:08 AM -  Good morninggg!! Word of the day is " thoughts". Thoughts seem to rise up like hiccups, just comes from nowhere. Every thought has potential to change your life, just as every acorn has an oak tree in it, a thought can be very tiny seed but can grow into a deep rooted, wide spread tree. Although we cannot choose our thoughts, we can definitely choose on the ones we act upon. Weed out the ones that don't serve you and start planting thoughts that serve you and others. Have a thoughtful day haha!

6/03/18, 10:56 AM -  Good morninggg . Word for the day is "Receptiveness".
Since childhood we've been trained  to "go get it" or " work towards it" but never taught to "allow" it to happen. By entering state of receptiveness you tune into the  present. By being present you gain power to choose what your receive at any given moment. Be receptive to the inflow and outpouring of what the universe has to offer today :).

7/03/18, 10:08 AM -  Good morningggg!! Word for the day is "absorb".. Absorption is a particular type of focus that let's us achieve incredible things.  Being absorbed in art is one of the best ways to recharge our batteries. No thoughts, no judgement, full on absorption mode.. Absorb art, absorb knowledge. Have a epic  day!

28/02/18, 12:07 PM - Due to high demand word of the day has been changed to "snow" hahaha. Individually they may be soft but together give us joy but  they can take a whole country out haha. We are all like snow. Similar but different and unique. Enjoy your day out in the snow.

Vijay Ravikumar