Bite sized wisdom

23/02/18, 1:41 PM -  Good afternoon!!  The word for the day is " stability". Stability arises from looking after the mind, and connecting with the internal world. It's a trick to feel that stability comes externally by controlling events outside of us... Quick tip.  Stabilise your reality by balancing the breathe in  both Nostrils. Have a stable day!!

27/02/18, 10:44 AM -  Good morningggg!! Word for the day is "abstract". Abstraction allows us to see with our mind what we cannot see physically with our eyes.. We create an abstract image of ourselves in  this manifested world. It's  an abstract result of your relationship with your environment. Create any image you want today and watch it manifest. . Be abstract be awesome. Have a great day!!

28/02/18, 12:02 PM - Good afternoon!!! Word of the day is " food".  First we eat, then we do everything else. It's the substratum of every being. Give the food you eat today full attention with your whole being . Enjoy the subtleties and fullness it has to offer and pleasure to all 5  senses.   It's not what we eat but also how we eat and what we do with the energy.. Have a nourishing day!

Vijay Ravikumar