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8 - week course with eight one on one sessions, eight flotation sessions + worksheets, audio and video material. It shows step by step on how to modify your current lifestyle to enjoy a fulfilled and stress-free.

Who will benefit from this program?

It is for professionals who are seeking balance, fulfilment and a deeper meaning in life. For those who are burnt-out and suffering from anxiety and stress caused due to work-life imbalance, It's for someone who wants to learn how to make more time during the week and are looking for a way to live a healthy, content life.


At Float centres all around Melbourne with my proud partners

Beyond Rest @ Moonee ponds, Collingwood, Prahran, Hawthorn.

Gravity Float Centre in Northcote)

Via Skype also available


We meet once a week at a chosen float centre for a one on one session. 45 mins pre float session, then a 1-hour float session followed 45 mins post-float session. We then plan out the rest of the week with action items and new ideas to play.


It starts the moment you sign up and set the starting date. My personal limit is ten clients per month. So there might be a waiting list.

WHAT IS Floating?

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Methodology ( In a Nut Shell )

Using 'will power' to change your life around is exceptionally challenging.

Weak will power is why most of us fail in seeing results with our body, mind, relationships and other goals.

The issue being, it takes 'will power' to strengthen ‘will power’. Do you see where this is going?

95% of your behaviour and choices are subconscious and a set of internal and external patterns.

These are patterns of thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions that you are not aware of at this moment.

Unfulfilled, Worried, stressed, anxious, burnt-out, low energy life implies an unhealthy subconscious, distorted patterns and world view.

Until you reset and recreate these existing underlying patterns with new healthy positive patterns, you have no chance of transforming your life.

Once these new patterns start operating from a subconscious level, you will effortlessly and automatically transform and reach your goals.

Using the unique environment provided in a flotation tank, we identify & break current patterns that don't serve you and create new positive models.

Combine expert mentorship + floatation tanks + ancient knowledge + modern science to experience the perfect self-transformation system.

Program Outline

Why will this work for you?

Expert Mentorship + Floatation Tanks + Ancient techniques + Scientific Methods + Community = Winning Formula

It is practical step by step approach resulting in the transformation of the physical, psychological, intellectual and spiritual frame using a range of simple yet powerful practices.

We will analyse your current life patterns, identify limiting beliefs and other potential challenges and obstacles you face and devise a custom plan of action achieve specific outcomes in your life.

Unlike other courses and programs, you will have me as your mentor, coach and support system to guide you throughout your transformation.

The view with which you see the world is the view with which the world 'sees you.

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