What is Floatation Therapy?

The Tanks is filled with 10 inches of water and 500kgs of high grade Epsom salt. The salt increases the density of the water allowing your body to float in Zero Gravity without trying! Similar to the Dead Sea.

The temperature of the water is the same as your skin. Hence you don't feel your body while you are floating ;). Once you shut the door, there is no light, no sound, no taste, no smell and no touch.

All your 5 senses are finally allowed to rest for 1 hour, This  lets the brain slide into profoundly deep and rejuvenating states of relaxation. Its the ultimate reset for your mind and body to heal and detoxify from the inside out!

Further, the magnesium in the Epsom salts relieve any aches or pains you have while improving your immunity and sleep.

Its a double whammy for your body and the mind!

On the contrary, it is the person who has learned to experience flow, through the training of numerous flow experiences such as those acquired in the flotation tank, who is in the forefront of social evolution. Flow is not an escape from life but life lived at a higher level.
— Michael Hutchinson