Vijay Ravikumar (Victorious Son of the Sun in Sanskrit) is the Float Guru. He is the being behind the revolutionary art of studying 'The Self' and "Transformation of Consciousness' using the sensory deprivation tanks.

For over 3 years his passion has helped people to raise their consciousness and take their lives to a new magnification - in the areas that matter most: their inner peace, fulfilment, personal relationships with themselves and the world around them and wellbeing.

Vijay has clocked numerous hours in the tank and has developed concrete techniques and programs to help clients from various backgrounds.

One of the things he is most proud of is his pioneering work on understanding consciousness using floatation tanks and mapping out the inner universe to expand our awareness.

His core strategies for creating breakthroughs are derived by combining modern tools such as sensory deprivation tanks with ideas from ancient knowledge such as Vedas and Taoism.

From his 'Brahmin' roots, he derives ancient wisdom, and through his engineering background, he utilises the beauty of modern science.

Currently residing in Melbourne, Vijay is on a mission to educate the world on floating as a tool for transformation of consciousness rather than a 'tub to relax.'

"Making a positive impact in another humans life is one of the best feelings one can experience," says Vijay

Along with life coaching and floating, Vijay is a professional DJ and a Psychedelic Trance music producer under the project name Cymatic.

Vijay's kind, compassionate nature and burning desire to help everyone unleash their full potential is the driving force behind The Float Guru.

His favourite quote - "Nothing matters and everything is for the best result", The Float Guru

His Mantra : ‘Causeless Joy’

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