Vijay Ravikumar (Victorious Son of the Sun in Sanskrit) is the Float Guru. He is man behind the revolutionary idea of studying the inner self using the sensory deprivation tank.

Shortly after his first float in New Zealand, where he resided at the time, he quit his engineering job of 8 years and dedicated a major portion of his life to using floating as a tool for exploring consciousness and the nature of reality.

Vijay has innumerable hours of floating experience which enables him to speak from a experiential point of view. He has worked with hundreds of clients at several float centres around the world in New Zealand, India, Australia and the UK.

MMA fighters, visual artists, airline pilots, professional athletes, cancer patients, Yogis, healers, top level businessmen and personal trainers from over 30 gyms have all seen incredible results with Vijay's programs.

"Making a positive impact in another humans life is one of the best feelings one can experience" says Vijay

Along with floating and research on floating , Vijay is a Yogi, Electrical Engineer, consciousness explorer, Professional DJ and psychedelic trance music producer.

Vijay's kind, compassionate nature and burning desire to help everyone unleash their full potential is the driving force behind The Float Guru.

His favourite quote - "Your outer world is a projection of your inner world", The Float Guru