“Floating alongside Vijay s guidance takes the experience to a totally different level. His process is very simple yet profoundly effective. His techniques give a purpose to the session which goes beyond your physical self.

I was very emotionally vulnerable before floating today, almost afraid to actually face it all in the tank. The instructions that were given me kept me grounded and on focus, while allowing me to fly and let go at the same time.A couple of hours have now passed and I feel lighter, not only from the salt on a phisical level but emotionally and spiritually from the attentive care and precise knowledge of Vijay! And.... Now I also have new tips to integrate in my daily life so to align with whom I really am! Thank you FloatGuru! 🙏💚

- Simona - Auckland, NZ
I had my first float 6 weeks ago and I’m hooked. Honestly is the most peaceful rejuvenating experience you can have- and it gets better the more you do it. Coupled with meeting the lovely Vijay, who’s passion for floating and wise guidance has been eye opening and inspiring, I’ve been amazed at the difference it’s made. Whether you’re looking to heal from physical pain or improve your general wellbeing, this is the best possible medicine
— Anna Warhurst, UK

Vijay’s floating programme is amazing. To have that much support and guidance towards a self transformation is priceless. Floating creates deep relaxation and you come out rejuvenated and inspired. Vijay gives you different options to guide the intention of the float and this is followed by a reflection with him about what emerged. The weekly routine that last 6 weeks is the most enjoyable life-changing experience I’ve had and recommended it anyone seeking balance, healing, and happiness.
— Chantal Beaudoin, UK

Vijay is a godsend. As I embark on my own journey, I’m often asked who my coach is. The Float Guru has been a coach, a mentor, and a best friend all at the same time. And inspires me to be better coach and embody my role. It’s refreshing to hear about his views on life, how our minds work and how our bodies work. The Float Guru is the real deal. He approaches all matters holistically and after every conversation with him, I’ve felt nothing less than empowered to take action! I couldn’t recommend him enough to people from all walks of life! His presence and guidance has changed my life and given me space to play with ideas and concepts that have had a huge impact in all areas! I love his style and energy that he brings to every conversation and interaction we have. Thank you for your guidance and friendship all these years
— Sanya Minocha, Australia

I’ve had great results since I began working with Vijay. Through his guidance, support and meditation I was able to understand on a deeper level what is important to me, what inspires me, and what I can do right now to make that real. I have gained motivation to take action toward my goals and dreams. Because of our efforts together I am taking detailed action and can see the positive changes in my life. Vijay is a great listener and coach, he has provided a mix of techniques and visualization methods that helped me to find my own answers. He has taught me to think outside the box and to listen to my heart. My work with Vijay opened up new resources and has changed the way that I work and interact in my life. I am forever grateful for his wisdom and expertise. I would recommend Vijay to anyone who is ready to embrace life and make a change!
— Lucie Ingram, UK

I highly recommend The Float Guru when starting out on your journey into the world of floating and exploring your ‘inner-verse’. I have had one previous experience of floating before and could not relax and enjoy it. However after a couple of years since my first float session, Vijay, the founder of ‘The Float Guru’, gave me some useful advice and suggested for me to try it again under his guidance. In that session, I was able to deeply relax the entire time and make the most of my experience. He is also knowledgable in yogic philosophy and meditation practices and has given me some pointers to help me on my journey of self awareness and deepen my spiritual practice. I have now incorporated floating in my life, as regularly as twice a month if possible. I feel an increase sense of overall wellbeing and a calm centred stillness within me. Thank you Vijay for your guidance and support.
— Christine Đo, Australia

Floating is an amazing experience and that too with excellent guidance and support from a person like Vijay, I feel each person whether young or old shd try floating at least once in their life time and I promise they will take sessions more often after their first float. Vijay motivated me and guided me to take a floating session six months back when he was in Auckland which changed my life. I am 56 years old and believe me in the first session itself i felt deeply relaxed and found mental peace and complete body and mind relaxation. I wish Vijay founder of “The Float Guru “ London all the best and keep up his good work in process to guide to the inner universe to more and more people . Vijay who has an excellent knowledge of yogic philosophy and spiritual knowledge will prove the best trainer to one and all.Thanks to Vijay and BEST OF LUCK.
— Meena Ravikumar, New Zealand

DON’T THINK JUST DO IT. Vijay (The Float Guru) is an amazing spiritualist, life enthusiast and the perfect man to help you through your journey. He’s helped me bridge the gap between the logical mind and the spiritual being, taught me countless life lessons and provided me with the right tools to steer my ship. Even though he’s in a different part of the world, our daily interaction still has an epic impact on my life that I know simple words could not express but I’m sure he feels the energy. He lit the fire in my SOUL and it burns brighter daily, I’m sure he will ignite yours too. Love of love.
— Deveshoan Michael, New Zealand